Guided Meditation

There's nothing that quite helps cut through stress and recenter our souls like meditation. At B.SlimSpa, we recognize the benefits associated with meditation and that guiding our clients through meditation can help with their weight loss goals. Read on to learn more or call us today to schedule an appointment!

B. Slim Spa's weight loss guided meditation.

The world is developing at an exponential rate. Emergent technologies and trends arise daily, and the need to try to keep up with them all has severe, often unnoticed, adverse effects on our bodies. As we struggle to adapt to a new world, we need to find efficient and inexpensive ways of coping with or eliminating stress in order to be able to live balanced, healthy, fulfilling, and enjoyable lives. One way to cope is through Guided Meditation. Meditation is an ancient practice that is now becoming increasingly popular as a means of relaxation and mental concentration, helping people focus on the things that truly matter.

When we are stressed, our bodies produce a significant amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, to enable us to respond to the uncertainty that perceived threats pose. This shuts down many of our body’s necessary functions which, although useful to do when running away from a tiger, is damaging to our health in the long run. The modern manifestation of this is a variety of health problems, including weight gain. This exercise in mindfulness has been proven to be a great stress reliever, helping to bring the body back into harmony as well as improving the mind’s ability to focus on achieving its weight loss goals.

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided Meditation is a form of meditation led by a second party, also known as a guide, which involves being in a state of relaxed concentration. This second party could be any of the following; a weight-loss and wellness expert, a yoga instructor, an audio clip of yourself reading a script, or a religious guide. The guide will essentially instruct you to relax specific muscles in your body until they feel loose and free from discomfort. Then, the guide will take you through a series of mental imagery to help you find relief, and, ultimately, healing.

There are no strict rules regarding how long a session should last. Guided meditation sessions can last for as short as a couple of minutes or as long as a couple of hours. Regardless of the length of the session, the goals of the session should be met. Some of these goals include stress relief, improved focus, mood regulation, or overall emotional healing.

How does Guided Meditation work?

The mind is an amazing powerhouse. Guided Meditation takes advantage of the power of the mind, combined with active physical engagement, to achieve desirable effects on the body. We can harness the power of the mind to put our bodies through simulated experiences that derive the same benefits without the associated risks.

What does Guided Meditation involve?

The features of Guided Meditation may vary from session to session. As alluded to above, we will guide you through a series of scenes that help you clear your mind by focusing very intently on simple, specific imagery. We will provide you with guidance on when to breathe, how to breathe, which muscles to relax, when to relax them, and what to do as you are imagining these scenes. This combination of physical and metaphysical instruction, perfectly synchronized, will help you achieve the benefits of mind and body harmony, as outlined below. Paired with our other services, the synergistic benefits make it all the more likely you will achieve your weight loss goals.

Benefits of Guided Meditation

The benefits of Guided Meditation include the following:

  • Helps with weight loss by reinforcing healthy thinking and habits

  • Easy for beginners to take up

  • Helps stabilize heart rate and blood pressure

  • Has a positive effect on brain waves, body temperature, and hormonal balance

  • Eases up frequent headaches

  • Improves the quality and frequency of breathing

  • Can be used to relieve body aches such as chest pain (angina) and shoulder pain, commonly associated with stress.

  • Helps with managing high blood sugar levels.

  • Helps regulate intestinal motility and secretions, thus relieving digestive problems

  • Improved concentration at work or school.

  • Improved quality of relationships.

  • Can result in decreased cravings for nicotine and alcohol, thereby making it a suitable management measure for some people who struggle with addiction of any form.

What are the risks associated with Guided Meditation?

There are no known risks associated with Guided Meditation! And believe us, this is not a claim people like to make lightly!

How frequently do I need to meditate to attain these benefits?

It is usually suggested that one practices short Guided Meditation sessions of about 5-10 minutes daily. Longer sessions with longer intervals between them, 1 hour every other day for example, can also work. The length and frequency of guided meditation sessions is entirely dependent on each client’s unique situation. However, it is best to schedule a consultation with a professional like ours at B.SlimSpa in order to design a program best suited to your weight-loss goals.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone can practice Guided Meditation. There are no restrictions, whether on the basis of age, class, expertise or skill, or profession. As long as you are interested and have an open mind to the possibilities, you are a great candidate for Guided Meditation.

Where can I access Guided Meditation services?

The ease with which one can take up guided meditation means that there are plenty of free, or independent services to choose from. When combined with a weight-loss program, the benefits of using the mind to unlock your body’s full potential in the achievement of your goals is absolutely incredible. Our weight-loss clinic and spa, B.SlimSpa is always ready to serve you! 

Feel free to call in and schedule an appointment, as well as make any enquiries concerning Guided Meditation or our other services. We are located at 1600 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94115. We will be more than glad to have you and to help you truly realize all the benefits this form of healing has to offer.

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