Gold Package

At B.SlimSpa, we offer many services in pursuit of slimmer bodies. We are so proud to also offer a comprehensive, non-invasive, rejuvenating weight-loss package that drastically speeds up the time to achieving our clients' goals. Read on to learn more or call today to schedule an appointment!

B. Slim Spa's weight loss Gold Package.

The B.SlimSpa Gold Package

At B.SlimSpa, we are comitted to your hollistic health and wellness and are determined to help you achieve your weight loss goals. In pursuit of this, we put together a package that tackles the problem from multiple directions to provide the most effective way to slim down without spending an excessive amount of money on invasive and harmful procedures. 

In the Gold Package, we combine our industry-leading Laser-like Lipo treatments, Whole Body Vibration sessions, homeopathic detox system, science-backed guided meditation sessions, and soothing ionic detox sessions to create a melody of allies in your pursuit of your slimmer self. Each service is available individually, but if you are ready to fundamentally change your life, then consider indulging yourself with the full benefits of the Gold Package.

Laser-like Lipo

Do you want to slim down, lose weight, and look great but for some reason or other can't exercise? At B.SlimSpa, we understand. We are committed to providing our clients with a safe and effective alternative to the drugs, surgery, and harsh lasers that medical providers are only too eager to recommend. 

Laser-like Lipo works by using light to stimulate your fat cells in opening up their pores and releasing their contents into the bloodstream to be cleaned out by the body's natural processes. As fat is released, the cells shrink, taking your waistline down with them. This is the core service we provide that will jumpstart your weight loss.

Whole Body Vibration

Whether it's a lack of interest, lack of time, or due to physical limitations, many of us cannot workout as much as we know we should. At B.SlimSpa, our Whole Body Vibration machine makes it easy to achieve similar benefits with a fraction of the effort. This service is incredibly complimentary to Laser-like Lipo sessions.

When you engage with a Whole Body Vibration machine, your body will work to remain balanced in reaction to the vibrations. This results in thousands of muscle contractions a minute, giving you the workout you need without even thinking about it. This service greatly accelerates the release of fat stores initiated by Laser-like Lipo sessions, shortening the time it takes to reach your target waistline.

Homeopathic Detox

You would be amazed at how you would feel without all those toxins that currently call your body home. At B.SlimSpa, our homeopathic detox system helps clear out those harmful toxins, rejuvenating you in the process. When you engage your body in weight-loss pursuits, you cause your cells to metabolize faster, creating more byproducts known as cellular waste. 

Homeopathic detox is a great, risk-free way to boost your body's natural cleasing processes without adding any additional toxins into the mix to do so. By drinking a set of odorless, tasteless, colorless drinks daily for a few weeks, you will give your body a helping hand by clearing out unwanted toxins, freeing it up to continue the fight against the fat cells you're trying to shrink down.

Guided Meditation

There's nothing that quite helps cut through stress and recenter our souls like meditation. At B.SlimSpa, we recognize the benefits associated with meditation and that guiding our clients through meditation can help with their weight loss goals. All our services demand a certain level of commitment to be successful over the long term. Guided meditation seeks to help you stay focused on your goals while reducing stress that causes our bodies to produce harmful toxins.

When you join us for a session, you willl see that we combine physical and metaphysical cues to guide you through a series of mental exercises design specifically to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve your outlook on life through recentering and helping you connect back with your inner peace.

Ionic Detox

To round out our package, we provide Ionic Detox foot soaks to help in the clearing out of the body's harmful toxins that accumulate with everyday living. This services acts as the flip side of the coin to he homeopathic detox system. The two together are an extremely effective method of removing toxins from your body quickly.

Whereas homeopathic detox works to detoxify you from within, Ionic Detox pulls toxins out of your body from your feet. Hard to believe, but our feet act much the same way as the roots of a tree, as a gateway to our bodies. It is through this gateway that the ions in the foot soak attract the heavy metal toxins in our body, binding with them and removing them from our system. 

How can I sign up?

Our Gold Package is our most popular package. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation and we would be happy to discuss a program that is perfect for you and your weight-loss goals. Also, be sure to check out our specials page for coupons that any new client can use to kickstart their weight-loss journey. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you live a slimmer, healthier, wonderful life!

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