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Dr. Magdalena Blasko, DPM

Dr. Magdalena Blasko has been successfully healing patients in San Francisco and the surrounding communities for over 15 years. She earned her undergraduate degree from UC – Santa Barbara, her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Samuel Merritt University, and has been awarded “Podiatrist of the Year” by the Consumer Business Review multiple times since opening her practice, most recently in 2017.

Patients visiting Magdalena Blasko receive a full range of podiatric services. Her approach to practice centers on patient education, and she believes informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well-being. Drawing the connection between weight gain and foot issues, she set out to treat problems further upstream, closer to the source, and is bringing the same mentality to this new mission in life. She sees a tremendous amount of potential in helping clients live their slimmest, healthiest selves and is determined to do so.

Most clients find Dr. Magdalena Blasko to be warm, funny, responsive, and a gifted practitioner. With her charming personality and dedication to client satisfaction, clients can rest assured that their health and wellness goals are in the hands of someone who truly cares about helping other people.

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